•   16 people temperature measurement within 30 ms.

  •  Max. 16 people can be measured simultaneously in real time

  •  Dynamic real time continuous detection.

  •   Intelligent automatic temperature detection.

  •  Temperature measurement accuracy ≤ 0.3.

  •  Supports up to 16 targets at the same time.

  •   Temperature measurement response time ≤ 30ms.

  •  Best distance for measurement: 3 4m.


Intelligent face recognition

Face recognition algorithm is used to accurately locate the temperature to the target

Multi objective

Complete 16 target temperature measurements within 30 milliseconds at a distance of 3 5 meters.

Real time Warning

Visible light can capture human face and thermal imaging can monitor body temperature.

Temperature accuracy ≤0.3 0C

Modified ≤0.30C (emissivity, distance, ambient temperature, etc.)

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